You Are Enough


You are enough. Right now, right in this moment, you are enough. You are worthy of life, of love, of joy. If you never change anything about yourself, you are enough. If you wear your hair natural or straight, if your skin is light or dark, if your clothes are never in style, you are enough. If you are too thin, if you are overweight, if you haven’t lost the baby weight, if you have an unhealthy relationship with food, you are enough. If you didn’t finish school, if you failed in school, if you only got one degree, if you have a few letters behind your name, you are enough. If you lost your job, if you were laid off, if you didn’t make that 30 under 30 or 40 under 40 list, you are enough. If you are living pay check to pay check, if you are struggling to pay your rent, if you moved back home because of debt, you are enough.  If you are single, if your relationship doesn’t work out, if you never get married, if your marriage falls apart, you are enough. If you had children as a teenager, if your kids throw tantrums in public and struggle in school, if you’re struggling to get pregnant, if you can’t have children, if you don’t want children, you are enough. If you’ve never had sex, if you’ve been raped, if you’ve been abused, if you have an STD, you are enough. If you’re questioning your sexual identity, if you’re transitioning, if you’re coming out, you are enough. If you get angry and yell, if you cry, if you shut down, you are enough. If you are estranged from your family, if your family is taking over your life, you are enough. Right now, in this moment, just as you are, you are enough. Continue reading “You Are Enough”

Sleep: Why it’s Important & How to Get More of It


We live in a world where sleep, rest, and relaxation are denigrated and overworking and under-sleeping are worn as badges of honor. We take pride in our ability to “function” on 4 hours of sleep and handle ever-increasing responsibilities. These attitudes are causing damage to our mental and physical health and well being, get in the way of creativity and productivity, and cause problems in our relationships. We’ve all heard the phrase “I’ll sleep when I die” but the reality is that not sleeping enough means that we will die sooner. For more information about this, check out this informative Ted-Ed video on sleep deprivation.

In order for us to live happier, healthier, more productive lives, it is essential that we get enough sleep. Research has demonstrated that we need about 7-9 hours of sleep each night. While it may not be possible for us to get this much sleep every night (especially for new parents), it is something we should strive for. Additionally, if we are starting to feel badly and get sick this is probably a good sign that we should make an effort to get more sleep. In this post I will highlight some mindset changes that will help you prioritize getting enough sleep as well as some strategies to help you get better quality sleep. Continue reading “Sleep: Why it’s Important & How to Get More of It”

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide


“And this is for Colored girls who have considered suicide, but are moving to the ends of their own rainbows.”

– Ntozake Shange, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf

Imagine what it would be like if every day began to feel grey. You wake up, struggle to get out of bed, maybe you don’t make it some days. Things got worse when someone you had a crush on raped you after you flirted and danced at a wonderful party. You felt ashamed and deeply hurt. You didn’t feel you could tell anyone for fear of people blaming and questioning you. You don’t feel there’s anyone you can call. You get the sense that everyone dislikes you. People are slow to respond to text messages. You know that you used to have the energy to engage in life but you can’t remember what motivated you before. You cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. You begin closing in on yourself. Ignoring calls and texts from family and friends. Assuming that they don’t really care, that they don’t really want to hear about how you’re doing. You start drinking and smoking more to numb out the difficult feelings. You feel guilty for not enjoying your life. You have a job that pays well, an apartment, a car, nice clothes, a couple of degrees. You should be happy, right? You start having thoughts that there is no way you can be in this place of loneliness, isolation, despair for long. You’re not sure how much you can take.  Continue reading “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide”