About Me

What would you find the courage to do if you knew you were worthy?

What if I told you the answer had nothing to do with perfection but everything to do with the fact that your humanity makes you worthy — unconditionally?

These are questions I’ve reflected on personally and professionally as a licensed clinical psychologist, dynamic speaker and trainer. I have personally struggled with low self-worth, but I now embrace the liberating feeling of knowing that I’m worthy. I believe that no one should have to walk this difficult journey alone.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping you to cultivate unconditional self-worth and to embrace your full self. I’ve spent the past 12 years working with individuals, couples, employees and organizations to embody mental wellness in their everyday lives and to engage boldly with the world.

I believe that the world is better when everyone has the freedom to be themselves and contribute their gifts, and I’m committed to empowering you with the tools for this journey.

If you’re ready — or even curious — about what a life of unconditional self-worth could mean for you, your family or your organization, I’d love to start that conversation with you.

How I Serve

Clinical Psychologist

I provide individual and couples therapy and my psychological training and experience has provided me with a deep understanding of what helps people to grow and change.


I am a dynamic and engaging speaker. I inspire audiences with my story and share practical strategies to help people thrive. I provide in-person and virtual talks.


I provide interactive workshops for clinicians on providing psychotherapy to Black women and cultural competence.

More About My Background…

I currently serve as the Director of the Clinic and Community Programs at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, where I have an active clinical practice treating individuals and couples.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Stanford University and earned my PhD in Clinical Community Psychology from DePaul University. I served as a Staff Psychologist and the Coordinator for Multicultural Outreach and Support at The University of Chicago Student Counseling Service for four years.

My why: Growing up, I always cared deeply about people and often fantasized about a world where everyone was loved, accepted, and able to freely share their gifts. As an adult, I am committed to making this world a reality.

My heart will always be in Southern California, but I call the Windy City home. I live in Chicago with my fiancé, and I have a deep appreciation for the city’s iconic restaurant scene. Music and summer festivals spark immense joy in my life, and I love cooking and dancing.