Adia Gooden, Ph.D.  is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is a straight, cis, Black woman; she grew up in Southern California, and currently lives in Chicago, IL. Dr. Adia received her BA from Stanford University and earned her PhD in Clinical Community Psychology from DePaul University. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and served as a Staff Psychologist and the Coordinator for Multicultural Outreach and Support at The University of Chicago Student Counseling Service for four years. Currently, Dr. Adia has an active clinical practice where she treats individuals and couples and serves as the Director of Community Programs and Outcome Measurement at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

Dr. Adia uses her powerful voice to share deep wisdom and guidance that encourages people to embrace their full selves. She offers sincere empathy and compassion, which helps people to know they are worthy. Dr. Adia is committed to empowering all people to thrive and share their full selves and gifts with the world. She inspires people to move beyond managing mental illness to embodying mental wellness and engaging boldly with the world.