About Dr. Adia Gooden

UChicago HeadshotAdia Gooden, Ph.D.  is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is a straight, cis, Black woman; she grew up in Southern California, and currently lives in Chicago, IL. Dr. Adia received her BA from Stanford University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Spanish and African and African American studies. After Stanford, Dr. Adia attended DePaul University and earned her PhD in Clinical Community Psychology. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, where she focused on providing couples therapy and increased her understanding of relationship dynamics. Dr. Adia currently works as the Director of Community Programs and Outcome Measurement at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

Since Dr. Adia was a child she has been passionate about helping people. Currently, she does that through guiding people to understand their experiences, identify their values, and address unhelpful thoughts and behaviors in the context of individual and couples therapy. Dr. Adia specializes in treating people of color in general and Black people and Black women in particular. Dr. Adia also writes, speaks, and conducts trainings on the topics of Black women and mental health, cultural competence, unconditional self-worth, and imposter syndrome. Dr. Adia is always open to speaking inquiries and is now accepting a limited number of clients and you can email her (agooden@family-institute.org) if you are interested in working with her.


3 thoughts on “About Dr. Adia Gooden

  1. Hi Dr. Gooden,
    I was referred to you by Dr. Herring. I’m a 70 year old married man (for 4 years) looking to get more clarity on some childhood and marital issues that I believe are causing me emotional and physical distress. I’d be grateful if you could fit me into your counseling schedule. I’m a very recent Northwestern heart patient with Medicare and United Health Care. Thanks for whatever you can do.
    Lucius Bell


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