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Three Steps to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Start Contributing Your Gifts

We live in a world that causes us to constantly compare ourselves to others. Whether we are scrolling through social media or looking at the latest 40 under 40 list, it is so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to other people. When we compare ourselves to others, we often end up feeling […]

5 Things to Know to Tap into the Transformative Power of Meditation

I used to hate meditating and now I try not to go a day without meditating . Meditation helped me to move from a place where my energy was often anxious and frantic to a place where I am mostly calm and centered and able to shift out of anxiety when it arises. In this […]

How do you practice gratitude in the midst of disappointment?

You may be wondering if it is possible to practice gratitude in the midst of disappointment. You may feel torn between feelings of sadness and loneliness that may be present for you right now and the belief that you should be happy and grateful despite everything going on. I want to encourage you to allow yourself to feel both your disappointment and your gratitude and in this post I share practices to help you do just that.

Coping with Discrimination

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash There has been a lot of focus recently on how organizations can improve related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how individuals can work to be anti-racist. These conversations are necessary and it strikes me that there has been very little focus on how to support Black people as […]

Preparing for the Relationship You Want

I spent years having conversations with friends and my therapist and my parents about how to find a partner who was a good match. My friends and I discussed the pros and cons of online dating, dating apps, meeting someone through friends or out and about. We discussed what we wanted in our partners; the […]

Saying Goodbye

I recently said goodbye to a job I had for more than 4 years, a place where I did some of my initial training as a therapist and developed as a professional. As I said goodbye to colleagues who have become friends and work that I loved doing sadness, welled up in my chest. I […]


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