How Self-Worth gets you out of Scarcity and into Abundance

How Self-Worth gets you out of Scarcity and into Abundance

Even when we go through a dark or difficult period of time, there’s always a springtime that follows.

Witnessing abundance in nature can be a powerful way to understand abundance in our own lives. There is an abundance of flowers and leaves and all the beautiful things in life and when you adopt an abundance mindset you will see abundance all around you. 

If you live in a scarcity mindset, you’re worried and scared, you feel like you have to prove yourself, and you don’t feel like there’s enough time, energy, money, etc. For a long time, I lived in a scarcity mindset and I didn’t know it. I felt like there wasn’t a loving partner out there for me. I was jealous of other Black women who were receiving acclaim in the mental health space because I felt like there might not be space for me to be successful in the space as well. I constantly felt like I didn’t have enough time and money. I was always rushing and pushing myself to try achieve the limited success that I thought was available to me. 

Does any of this resonate?

When we live in a scarcity mindset, we operate as if life is a zero-sum game. 

If I win, they lose. If they win, I lose. This makes it hard to celebrate the success of others because they feel like a threat to our success and it makes us feel guilty when we feel success because we worry that we might have taken someone else’s spot. How can we relax and enjoy the positive parts of our lives if we’re constantly living in fear? I invite you to release your belief in scarcity.

Low self-worth leads us to adopt a scarcity mindset. 

When we don’t think we are worthy, we feel like we can’t access abundance or success because of our unworthiness or we feel like we must prove our worth in order to be successful and experience abundance. We may even hold ourselves back, reject positive things, or engage in self-sabotage. What is your orientation to positive things happening in your life?

When we know we are worthy unconditionally, we are able to welcome abundance into our lives because we believe we are worthy of it. 

We’re no longer caught up in the anxious energy of trying to prove our worth and trying to compete and get the few spots at the top. When we know we are worthy, we’re able to own our gifts and strengths, knowing we are guided by our wisdom to pursue the life we most desire instead of being guided by fear. Then, we have trust in ourselves and we can relax into the good things in life. Sounds fabulous, right?

Adopting an abundance mindset and believing in my worthiness of abundance, knowing deeply that I am unconditionally worthy, powerfully transformed my financial status. I doubled my income in the short amount of time after I shifted my mindset to one that was grounded in abundance. This is just one example of a tangible change I experienced after this mindset shift.

Tip: Having a gratitude practice is a powerful way to attract abundance into your life. Write down several things you’re grateful for each day. The most important part of a gratitude practice is soaking in the feeling and the energy of being grateful. When you’re in this energetic state, that is when you’re aligned with abundance. If you’re someone who gets caught up in guilt or fear when you experience positive things in life, gratitude is the antidote!

Our world is drowning in scarcity. It’s all around us, but so is abundance. So, let’s choose abundance.

Although there are problematic systems and structures that limit access to wealth for poor communities and communities of color, abundance is our reality. The truth is that there is more than enough to go around. If we can adopt an abundance mindset as a society, it would be easier to spread wealth and abundance to those who need it.

Remember to keep seeking out positivity and to slow down and deeply connect with it. It might be challenging at first, but working on this connection will also strengthen your connection to your unconditional self-worth, leading you to attract all kinds of abundance into your life… because you deserve it as much as anyone else!

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4 thoughts on “How Self-Worth gets you out of Scarcity and into Abundance

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast! It made me take inventory of my own life! This is one of Dr. Gooden’s best! Thank you!

  2. Adia is a secret Goddess in disguise! She’s actually a lightworker, because her last podcast blinded the hell out of me! Lol! But, it also flooded some of the darkest areas in my life with the most brilliant light i have ever seen!

    Now, we need Dr. Gooden to produce a podcast that explicitly explains to us how to deliberately shift into a mindset that promotes a healthy self-worth.

    I need to make a confession here. Because i can’t do it anywhere else.

    As i listend to this podcast, Dr. Gooden gave me that supernatural lubricant that loosened my gears to get the wheels turning again. The problem is, i also started to feel bouts of extreme fear and terror course through my mind. Like, i know what i want, and i want to believe that i’m worth it, and the video has showed me something new. But now, i’m very scared. Afraid to reach out and grab it.

    Metaphorically… (follows)

    I don’t believe i’m worth a dollar. A whole dollar? … but, she says, that there are dollars everywhere! And, everyone is worth a dollar! … but now that i know it, and maybe even a dollar is offered to me… i’m petrified of actually receiving it!

    Dr. Gooden? How can i receive what i’m afraid of?

    I recite affirmations to declare that i’m worthy.

    “i’m beautiful!”
    “i’m talented!”
    I’m smart!”
    “i deserve a good partner who loves and values me!”

    But this all feels like fluff and stuff. Maybe since I’ve been living with a scarcity mindset for so long, it might take equally as long to gently shift myself into an abundant mindset. Like treating a chronic disease, or like treating a drug addiction. You can’t just jump off a speeding train like that! Otherwise, you could bust your bones up and explode from impact! But, you’ve gotta wait until the train slows down… Then, you can step off safely.

    So, maybe I gotta work on developing a abundant mindset very slowly, and incrementally. This way, I can actually receive it with grace and in healthy doses that my mind and spirit can handle.

    I know there’s dollars everywhere. And, maybe I am worth one of them. But, because I’m a baby at this, maybe I’ll accept just a quarter for now. Or, maybe even a nickel. Then, as I continue to develop alignment with abundance, then I’ll consider working with a dime, or perhaps, even 2 quarters! Might take me some time, but eventually… I’ll have a crisp dollar bill in my hand! …

    If money doesn’t become extinct by then… Then, I guess you can just deposit it on my prepaid debit card! LOL!

    I admire you so much, Dr. Adia Gooden! And thank you so much for sharing GOD’s light with us! But just remember that while all of us plants desperately need light and heat to live and thrive… too much light, and too much heat, will scorch us.

    All jokes aside… I am genuinely afraid here, and I’m wondering if you have a ‘softer’ light that you can bathe us old-school plants in. Because I was raised in poverty. But, I was raised that I am a good person too. So, prosperity and huge increase scares me, because there’s a part of me that believes that it is bad. And, I hate this about me. But, I can’t do anything about it, because I love my momma. And if I got all the money in the world, then what would I have to strive for? It could take my slavery away from me, which would make me free, and then what? See where I’m coming from? Radical abundance in my life would change the entire meaning of who I am. And yes, I’m afraid to die.

    And yes, I go to the 99 cent store to get underwear, plates, and trash bags. Because Macy’s charge twice as much, and Kroger is on crack if they think I want to use the trash bags to actually put my own money in.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I know it can be hard to begin the process of affirming your worth and believing in abundance, especially if you have grown up with not enough resources. I think the best place to start is by being kind and compassionate with yourself. I think you would enjoy my free e-book on 4 practices for connect to your unconditional self-worth and I talk about that as well as some other things you can do in the e-book. You can sign up for the e-book here:

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