You’re a… Netflix & Chill Night

Tell me if this sounds like a typical night you’d love to spend with yourself?

You take off your work clothes (and bra if you wear one) pull out your favorite old sweats and college t-shirt, order takeout from your go-to spot, open your favorite bottle of wine (or maybe make some warm cider), curl up on the couch and pull up your favorite sitcom or romcom. Can you say cozy and comfortable?!

Knowing how to be comfortable with yourself is an important foundation for your relationship with yourself. Having nights to yourself, where you can relax and veg out on the couch and just be is wonderful so keep making time for these Netflix and Chill nights.

You’ve got the comfy, cozy date night down AND I’m guessing you want to take some of your date nights to the next level

Your affinity for comfort is great and you also deserve to do something really special for yourself every once in a while.

Treating yo’self may sound good in theory but you might be thinking that getting off the couch and getting dressed feels like too much work! I totally get that and I want you to know that you are worth the effort.

Are you ready to take your date-nights to the next level?

Your Netflix and Chill nights are perfect when curling up on the couch sounds like the best thing ever. But when you start to feel bored by watching the same movies and mindlessly scrolling on your phone, it may be time to mix it up.

Here’s your recipe for upgrading your date nights with yourself:

Step 1: Figure out what other type of date night you want.

Do you want to go to a new swanky restaurant or bar? Do you want to go hiking? Do you want to go to a concert or a performance? Do you want to have a luxurious bath with a fancy bath bomb, your favorite candles, and maybe even sexy music playing? Dream big because the sky’s the limit! Here’s an episode of the Unconditionally Worthy podcast to help you with this first step: Episode 15: How to Stop Holding Back and Start Believing in Yourself.

Step 2: Remind yourself that you are worth the effort.

You are worthy of an amazing date night. Any discomfort you might feel moving off the couch and out of your comfort zone will totally be worth the awesome things you’ll experience on your date.

If you’re still not sure you’re worthy of having a fun night all to yourself, check out episode 14 of the Unconditionally Worthy podcast: You Are Worthy of Joy. If you’re waiting for someone else to take you on a fabulous date, check out Episode 9 of the Unconditionally Worthy podcast: The Key to Healthy Romantic Relationships: Believe You Are Worthy.

Step 3: Be kind to yourself in the process.

Moving out of our comfort zones can be, well, uncomfortable and that can bring up self-criticism and frustration. As you uplevel your personal dates, I encourage you to be compassionate with yourself. Episode 11 of the Unconditionally Worthy podcast guides you on how to do just that: Self-Compassion as a Doorway to Self-Worth.

Step 4: Plan the date!

Now that you know what you want to do for yourself and you know you’re worthy of doing something special just for you, it’s time to plan your perfect date. Set aside some time this week to put your plan together and start making reservations or order that candle and bath bomb combo you’ve been eyeing for a while. Also, be sure to put the date on your calendar.

Step 5: Step 5: Execute the Date

Now is the time to execute the date you’ve planned. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you don’t feel rushed. Put your phone on “do not disturb” so you can have some peace and quiet. Maybe even turn off email and news notifications so you don’t have random alerts interrupting your evening. Then relax and enjoy everything you’ve planned for yourself.

Make sure to pay attention to how you feel on your date; are you feeling relaxed, happy, at peace? Are you having a hard time enjoying your time with yourself and find that you’re worrying about things? All of this is just good information that will help you on the path to building a healthy relationship with yourself (more on that later 😉).