You’re a… Loving Romantic Date

Tell me if this sounds like a typical date night for you…

You check in with yourself about how you’re feeling and decide that you’d love to take yourself out to a beautiful dinner at a new restaurant that has amazing reviews. You decide to go alone because you’re looking forward to reflecting and enjoying your own company. You take your time getting ready, putting on that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. You walk into the restaurant and it’s exactly your vibe, you feel at home there. You notice people look up from their tables when you walk in and you know it’s because of the confidence and warmth you exude. You order yourself a cocktail (or mocktail) and the menu item that looks the tastiest. You even indulge in that dessert that sounds amazing. You leave the restaurant feeling full, happy and loved on. You go to bed at night feeling grateful that you decided to take yourself out and treat yourself just because you know you’re worth it.

Maybe fancy nights out aren’t your thing but the point is, you take good care of yourself during your me-time and treat yourself to some great dates on the regular.

You know how to plan the BEST dates for yourself

You may have done a lot of personal growth and healing to get to where you are today and you are in a place where you know exactly how to indulge yourself and make yourself feel loved and cared for.

Your personal date nights are pretty darn good so all I have to say is, keep doing what you’re doing!

Here’s the recipe to keep the love with yourself going

Step 1: Reflect on the self-love and self-care practices that help you to feel loved and cared for.

You may naturally know how to love and care for yourself and in this step I encourage you to write down the things that help you feel most loved and cared for. This way you have a running list of nice things to do for yourself if you ever get out of sync. If you’re looking for some more ideas on how to practice self-love, here’s a free self-love worksheet.

Step 2: Take care of yourself with intention.

Self-care ebbs and flows for most of us over time; there may be times when you take really good care of yourself and other times when you struggle to care for yourself. And that is okay! We are human and none of us is perfect, nor do we need to be. If you ever find yourself falling off the self-care bandwagon, I encourage you to think about how you can engage in consistent self-care intentionally. What are the small self-care activities you can engage in that have the biggest impact? Is it saying affirmations in the morning? Going for a walk outside a few times a week? Listening to your favorite music and dancing in your living room? Identify a few activities you can do on a regular basis to make yourself feel good. If you’d like to take things to the next level and create a personalized self-care plan you can sign up here: Personalized Self-Care Plan Worksheet.

Step 3: Plan and Execute a Special Date for yourself Regularly

Take what you’ve identified about the self-care and self-love practices that work for you and carve out time to do them for yourself. Put the personal date night time in your calendar and put your phone on “do not disturb” so you can have some peace and quiet. Maybe even turn off email and news notifications so you don’t have random alerts interrupting your evening. Then relax and enjoy everything you’ve planned for yourself.

Make sure to pay attention to how you feel on your dates with yourself; are you feeling relaxed, happy, at peace? Are you having a hard time enjoying your time with yourself and find that you’re worrying about things? All of this is just good information that will help you to nurture your healthy relationship with yourself (more on that later 😉).