DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief

Dr. Adia is an engaging, authentic, and dynamic speaker who connects with audiences and provides practical strategies that help people grow and thrive

Areas of Expertise

Self Worth

Dr. Adia shares her story of overcoming low self-worth and practical strategies for cultivating unconditional self-worth

Imposter Syndrome

Dr. Adia offers and engaging and experiential workshop that helps participants to understand and overcome imposter syndrome

Black Women

Dr. Adia’s clinical expertise is focused on Black women’s mental health. She provides workshops and healing spaces for Black women and training for therapists who work with Black women


Dr. Adia provides talks to support individuals in preparing for healthy relationships.

Virtual Events

Dr. Adia has taught online courses and provided live and pre-recorded webinars. Dr. Adia maintains her engaging style when speaking online and welcomes opportunities to speak in-person and virtually

In-Person Events

Dr. Adia provides impactful and moving keynote speeches and experiential workshops for large and small audiences.

Training for Therapists

Dr. Adia provides engaging and experiential workshops for clinicians on providing psychotherapy for Black women and cultural competence