We The People: Persevering Post Election

the_long_road_aheadThe physical shock began to set in for me while watching the election results come in last Tuesday night. The next morning I awoke to adrenaline coursing through my body. It was as if my body knew that the world was not okay, that it needed to be prepared to fight or flee a potentially dangerous situation. As Wednesday wore on, I began to feel physically sick: a deep queasiness and skin-crawling uneasiness set in. By Thursday, my emotions ranged from sadness and anger to denial. Friday, I experienced full-blown anger. What helped me to manage through this range of emotions was reminding myself that whatever I was feeling was okay. Accepting the emotions as they washed over me and allowing them to pass on their own. Even with this mindful approach to my emotions, I could see¬†myself being more irritable with other people for small things. I could feel my heart hardening in ways that I’m not proud of. I could feel hate starting to seep in. Continue reading “We The People: Persevering Post Election”