Learning from Prince: Live Boldly & Courageously

prince_at_coachellaPrince died yesterday and I am shocked and saddened along with the rest of the world. It is impossible to adequately describe Prince using words. He is a musical genius, he is an icon, he is bold, he is outspoken, he is mysterious, he lived courageously. As heartfelt reflections on the impact that Prince had on so many people’s lives are shared and our collective mourning begins, my attention is drawn to the lessons that we can learn from the inspiring way that Prince lived. My hope is that in addition to honoring him with memories and celebrating his music, we will also honor Prince by living boldly and courageously just as he did. Below are quotes from Prince and lessons from him that we can apply to our own lives. Continue reading “Learning from Prince: Live Boldly & Courageously”