The Pathway to Unconditional Self-Worth

Your relationship with yourself influences the rest of your life.

A lot has happened since the last episode of Unconditionally Worthy… I got married, had the wedding of my dreams, and went on a beautiful honeymoon! We all know how chaotic weddings can be, especially during a pandemic, but what helped me to be present during my wedding and truly enjoy it was that I was grounded in my worthiness. 

The pathway to unconditional self-worth is right in front of you.

Oftentimes, people don’t know where to start or how to start their journey to unconditional self-worth. Are you one of those people? If so, you’re in the right place!

This episode is all about uncovering the pathway to feeling unconditionally worthy. 

I spent years overworking myself, pushing past the point of exhaustion, and being mean and critical to myself while striving for academic excellence. Yet, when I succeeded in passing my dissertation defense, I still didn’t feel worthy, self-assured, or content! 

It’s frustrating! When you do everything you can to feel successful and accomplished, then still find yourself needing more, it can feel defeating. What I learned along my journey was that the answer, the peace I was looking for, wasn’t going to be found outside of myself or in another accomplishment. The peace was going to be found within myself and through my relationship with myself.

So, that’s where you start. The way to unconditional self-worth is through a healthy, supportive, loving relationship with yourself. It’s the foundation of our lives! Start focusing more on yourself.

What do you actually need in your life to feel good? What feels authentic and aligned for you?

The way you view yourself and treat yourself impacts every aspect of your life, from your professional life to your family life and especially your love life! If you nurture your relationship with yourself, being kind, encouraging, and uplifting, you will find more contentment. Life won’t feel like a competition or a continuous loop of harsh criticism. You’ll begin to honor your boundaries, your needs, and your true talent, which is so empowering.

How does self-criticism impact you? Does it truly motivate you? If it does, how sustainable is it?

We don’t need harsh criticism to feel successful. To be good friends with ourselves is to have a good, soothing life. When we take the steps to care for ourselves and love ourselves, we remind ourselves of who we really are and how worthy we are.

What is your relationship with yourself like? Would you allow other people to treat you the way you treat yourself?

The first step to building a strong, loving relationship with yourself is to be radically honest.

So, I challenge you to do some self-inquiry and reflect on the questions I’ve posed above.

I also created a fun little quiz to help you connect with yourself and start on the pathway towards unconditional self-worth. 

Take the Which Date Night Are You? quiz here: & share your results with me by sharing them on social media and tagging me!

Plus, stay tuned for my new course that’s launching at the end of September! The course is dedicated to getting you started on this journey to self-worth through building a healthy relationship with yourself.

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