You Are Worthy of Joy

You are worthy of Joy

How can you start to expand your capacity for joy? What are the fears underlying you allowing joy into your life? 

The truth is… I used to complain a lot. Fortunately, I’ve evolved to a place where I don’t feel the need to complain much anymore, but having reflected upon my past as a complainer, I’ve realized that all of the complaining I did was a sign that I had a limited capacity for joy. I felt more comfortable having something to complain about than having something to be joyful about. Ironic isn’t it!

Even though I’ve always been a generally happy person, I didn’t feel comfortable fully expressing joy. In fact, I felt more able to connect with others through complaints and mutual suffering. As they say, misery loves company… but who wants company that’s constantly miserable?!

Do you tend to complain about things? Is your default to find something wrong or negative about a situation? Do you have trouble leaning into the joyful parts of life? Take a moment to check in with those answers without judgement. The first step to increasing the joy in your life is recognizing the amount that you complain or focus on the negatives. 

It wasn’t until I connected with the fact that I am unconditionally worthy of joy that I truly expanded my capacity to feel joy in all its glory. 

When I didn’t feel worthy of love, joy, and success, I felt like I had to make life’s joyous moments smaller by complaining about them. Knowing I was unconditionally worthy opened me up to receiving more joy because I finally felt like I deserved it! What a beautiful place to be!

In order to expand your capacity for joy, you must first start by believing you are worthy of joy. You must also understand what your relationship to joy is.

How do you respond to joy in your life? How do you relate to joy when it shows up? Do you embrace joy and let yourself soak it in or do you start worrying and picking the joy apart into smaller, less enjoyable pieces?

You might find that you have relationships that are built upon complaints. You might find that as you expand your capacity for joy, those relationships are no longer working for you because there isn’t space in that relationship for your joy. There may be loss in this process, but it’s well worth the exploration.

2 Strategies That Will Help You Expand Your Capacity for Joy:

  1. Affirm that you are worthy of joy – It’s not something you should earn, fight for, or prove that you are worthy of. Joy is a human right. Allow yourself to experience joy in large and small moments.
  2. Intentionally lean into the moments of your life that are joyful – Whether that be taking the first bite of your favorite dessert and allowing yourself to indulge in the taste, smell, and texture of it or shifting more of your focus onto the relaxing part of Sundays rather than worrying about the week ahead. Let yourself exist in that joy with presence and gratitude. 

Life is so much better when we allow ourselves to enjoy it. Take these strategies, implement them into your life over the next few weeks, and watch your capacity for joy expand!

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  1. Loved this podcast!! It’s important for Black women to understand that we are worthy of joy! Thank you for using your platform for speaking on stuff that truly matters

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