Podcast Guest Confirmation Page

You’re Confirmed as a Guest for the Unconditionally Worthy Podcast!

The Unconditionally Worthy Podcast guides listeners on their journey to connect with the true source of their self-worth. After struggling for years with low self-worth, anxiety, perfectionism, and overworking myself, I have experienced incredible transformation through connecting to my unconditional self-worth and now I support others in cultivating a safe space for conversations about self-worth, mental health, relationships, learning to forgive self, and using self-worth as a foundation for living courageously. 

See tips below to help us accomplish this mission with you
and also a list of potential questions that I may ask.


Here’s how to prepare before your scheduled episode recording slot:

  • Make sure you have stable internet! It’s best if your computer can be wired in. Please DO NOT under any circumstances join from a cell phone. You must join from a computer, because it is best for recording for sound, and for video podcasts, it is best for visuals. If you have a wifi connection, reduce bandwidth by limiting use of other devices and closing data draining tabs while recording for the best connection.
  • Have a good quality mic! Use a microphone separate from your computer. Think a USP mic or one directly connected to your computer. This will ensure the best audio quality. While the mic and speakers that are built into your computer will work if you are in a pinch, they will not provide the best audio quality for our episode. They often mess with your volume, tone, and give feedback. We recommend the Yeti mic or the Audio-Technica ATR2100x.
  • Use headphones! If you do not have a microphone, use your laptop with headphones. This will help ensure a better sound quality than a phone call. The headphones that come with your phone would work just fine, of course a high quality audio headphones is always best. This will prevent the microphone from picking up unnecessary feedback and electronic echoes. NOTE: Even if you don’t have access to a mic, we ALWAYS recommend headphones. Airpods are not a great option for quality sound for podcast episode recording.  
  • We are a video and audio podcast…come in your version of camera ready!
  • Update to the latest version of Zoom! We want you to have the best experience and functionality for our recording. 
  • Test your video and audio ahead of time! Episodes are back to back so we can maximize our time together with minimal technical difficulties.
  • Pick a room wisely. Sound waves travel farther in larger rooms causing an echo. Record in a smaller room with plenty of soft spaces like carpet, curtains, a bed, clothes. When you record in a smaller space, that gives your sound waves less space to travel. Soft spaces absorb the traveling sound waves. 
  • Don’t wear jewelry that makes noise if you can avoid it! Necklaces and bracelets can cause a lot of feedback on your mic. They both can jingle and necklaces can rub up against the mic.
  • We like the episodes to be off the cuff and casual. To ensure you are comfortable we will share some questions to help you prep key points of your story, journey and details ahead of your recording to help us shape the conversation. These questions are not set in stone, they are just a jumping off point,  we’ll flow with the convo :).
  • What happens after we record our episode? As soon as the episode is ready and a live date is determined, you will receive an email from us with the date your episode is scheduled to air along with copy and graphics you can use to schedule promo materials for your episode as well.

Potential Questions

  • How does self-worth relate to your work?
  • Have you experienced challenges related to your self-worth? If yes, what has helped you overcome those challenges?
  • Why do you believe it’s important for people to embrace their unconditional self-worth?
  • If you could choose 1 thing for those listening to take away from your interview today what would it be and why?
  • What’s the best way for us to connect with you?

Have a Questions? podcast@dradiagooden.com